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Tom Seaman, BS, CPC

Diagnosis Dystonia
Navigating the Journey

Diagnosis Dystonia: Navigating the Journey takes you on a personal and educational journey full of valuable information for those newly diagnosed, as well as those who have been living with dystonia for years. Tom’s perspective as a long time dystonia patient is invaluable, offering coping skills, healthy living strategies, and treatment options. He also provides practical information for emotionally adjusting to the diagnosis and subsequent lifestyle changes, and how to live in the world with something “different.” Testimonials from other patients provide additional perspective.
Having overcome significant challenges and moving past many obstacles, Tom’s journey is inspirational and motivating, demonstrating how anyone can rise from the depths of despair into a life full of hope, triumph, and joy. Tom now uses his experience and education as a certified professional life coach to help people with dystonia and other life challenges.

Diagnosis Dystonia is a must read for patients, family, friends, caregivers, health care providers, researchers, and anyone who knows someone living with dystonia or other chronic health condition. Readers will benefit from the knowledge, wisdom, and experience Tom has gained through first learning to cope with dystonia and then improving upon the life he leads. This book will help others find their own path in pursuing life in which dystonia is not the focus, but a catalyst for finding better days.

Although this book centers on dystonia, much of the information can be applied to any health condition or other life challenge. It provides useful strategies and tools for any life circumstance. To order your copy, please visit